Michael Woodhead


From 1955 to 1963, I was involved in scouting:--

1955 - I'm watching a parade for the
8th World Jamboree at Niagara-on-the-Lake,
Ontario, Canada

1956 - I'm in the front row, second from left,
in the Greenwood, Nova Scotia, D Pack
My dad, Frank Woodhead,
is the tall leader in the back, center

1957 - I'm sitting on a log, left, at Camp Lake Sixty,
Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada

1959 - On the cover at the 'Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children'
for a Boy Scouts annual report booklet

1962 - At Kandersteg, Switzerland

Scouts at 2(F)Wing, Grostenquin, France

As a Queen's Scout

1963 - Various photos from the
11th World Jamboree at Marathon, Greece
Scout contingent ready to leave for Greece

Stopping for food and drink at a Tripolita café

The flags of all nations

Scouts visiting other scouts

Standing outside our tent and looking as white as the dirt

Posing for a photo for Gillette shavers
[even though I wouldn't really shave for another 10 years]

My Epathlon Daphnis certificate

Souvenir booklet

1963 - Investiture as a Rover Scout

1963 - Religion & Life award