Fantasy Folk Songlist

A Rock and An Island
Angel In the Morning
Amniotic Waters of Life
Ancient Precepts
And a New Man Shall Be Born
A Touch of Infinity
Beach of Bones
Cabbage Field
Captives of the Flame
Child of Ocean
Cloth of Gold
Colours of the Rainbow
Crystal Fountain Wanderer
Crystals of Life
Dance of the Seven Veils
Dark Moon Rise
Earthquake Crystals
Embryonic Journey
Enchanted Island
Endless Shadows
Eye In the Sky
End of My Hope
Evolution's Revolution
Eye of Horus
Fiction Princess
Flowers In the Garden
Freedom Flowers
Golden Blood
Golden Bodies
Golden Dewdrops
Help Us Save a Man
Here Stand I, Naked
I Am
I Am At Thy Breast
I Am Beauty
I Am a Woman, I Am a Man
I Know That We Can Fly
I Love a Maiden Fair
In Faerieland
I Take a Trip
Island of Children
It Is Finished
I Touched the Face of God
Lege Ante Gion
Lilacs In the Snow
Lotus Fields
Miss Butterfly
O Dear! O Dear!
On the Wings of Death
Opiate Dreams
Other Side of Nowhere
Our Bed Is Green
Paranoic Astral
Passionate Lifetime
Passport to Limbo
Peter Pan
Pomegranate Jungle
Red Raven
Seventh Dimension of Time
Shades of Flowers
She Who Would Save Us
Sighs of the Wind
Sitting In a Garden
Something White, Something Blue
Son Of My Womb
Soon We'll Reach the Distant Stars
Spectrum Girl
Suckle Your Son
The Way
Time of Creation
Time Stands Still
To the Pure
Trilogy of the Dead
Valley of Creation
Valley of the Sun
Virgin Of the Sun
Wail of a Banshee
Walk In Silence
Wall-to-Wall Grass
Web of Light
Welcome Aboard
West of the Sun
When the Birds Die
Where Mortals Fear to Tread
Where Tread My Feet
Wings of Sound
Sound of Thunder