Volume 4 : The Age of Ambiguity : 2006-2020

Michael Woodhead's life contains what he invariably weaves into his novels--spirituality, sexuality, and creativity.

However, that didn't become apparent to him until he began organizing his archival boxes of memorabilia and journal entries, as well as trying to formulate a timeline for this autobiography.

At first, he endeavored to place things in order of the places in which he'd lived for any length of time--Lancashire, England; Toronto, Ontario; Greenwood, Nova Scotia; Grostenquin, France; Bagotville, Quebec; and Calgary, Alberta.

Then he tried developing it from his interests--music, art, writing, photography. theatre, etc.--but even that got muddled after a while because of the variety of things that clamored for his attention.

His next approaches included a written narrative, topical lists, chronological lists, illustrated lists, etc.

Eventually, he settled on this chronological narrative that includes past events and experiences, as well as present-day commentaries in gray boxes.

But it wasn't until he started to assemble this autobiography that he discovered how much the 'double-mindedness' that he experienced through most of his life permeated the spiritual, sexual, and creative areas as well as his personal, emotional, and psychological life.

Volume 4 covers the years 2006 to 2020, really a time of ambiguity.

This seemed to be a time of just wandering and wondering--the start of a new (and final) job, changes in the lives and health of himself and his family, more confusion over his sexual, creative, and spiritual proclivities. And then the beginning of a strange, new world beginning with COVID.

Even seventy-five years later, and even after baring his life in this autobiography, he's still trying to make sense of it all.

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Volume 4: Ambiguity
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