A Lyric & Lead Sheet Songbook

Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert A Heinlein were the first writers to fuel my interest in science fantasy and fiction--the former's 'John Carter of Mars' series, and the latter's novel, 'Stranger in a Strange Land'. At the time I began writing my 'galactic ballads'--songs that have some sort of space opera theme--there were very few other writers doing this sort of thing. Zager & Evans released In the Year 2525 in 1969 which gave me hope that I might find a market for my music, but none of the record companies at the time seemed to be interested. A short while later, 'filk music' became part of the science-ficiton genre. My galactic ballads are still some of my favourite tunes, particularly Amalla, Destination Luna, Ilili, and Green Hills of Earth.

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