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12 October 2019 - Saturday

Things I Wish I Had Done #1

Although I had previously made various notes and impressions on sheets of paper, on 29 December 1985--when I was 38--I started my first journal.

I wish I had done that much earlier because it would have made remembering dates and experiences and names and people and dreams and ideas and a whole host of other topics much easier.

I only started one, then, because I had "made a determined effort to write and complete a novel", in this case The Righteous and the Wicked.

After trying various formats, I eventually settled on the 300-page, five-subject notebook (which I still buy and use today). It's a nice size to carry around, if need be.

Stacked against the wall of my writing room/den are (currently) nine boxes (with ten years to a box) that contain a host of memorabilia from the year of my mother's birth to the present. Still, there have been other items which I dearly wish I could/should have kept from my childhood and teen years, as well as later in my life.

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