Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1967, 2017

Golden bodies glinting in the sun
Telling me that I have finally won
Rays reflecting colours in my eyes
I'm too wise to be deceived by colours of the night
Close my sight

Children playing games within the field
Now, I know, why I -- to them -- must yield
Rays, reflecting, blacken out my sight
It's like night when the sun has faded for a year
Nothing's here

Ancient precepts are what my God conceives
Ancient precepts are what my mind believes
Thinking backward, beyond the time of men
To the beginning, the beginning of the end

Mortals gazing upwards to the skies
Tears of gladness showing in their eyes
Standing, looking at the clouds so high
My, oh my! When the rains begin to fall again
Oh, the pain