Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1972, 2017

Broken idols on the ground
Prove that, once, there did abound
Many races, many creeds
To which all would soon take heed
broken idols mean to me
Sunken cities in the sea

Broken idols are the proof
People who once stood aloof
From the aching pains of man
As his life on Earth began
Broken idols of the gods
Leave their traces rather odd

Broken idols mean that life
Once was born as man and wife
Come together into One
children of the Morning Sun
Broken idols stand amid
Every secret pyramid

Broken idols on the grass
Prove that, once, there was a mass
People from another world
Man and woman, boy and girl
Broken idols, since our birth
Proof of life beyond the Earth