Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1970, 2019

Destination Luna is our final goal
Where we'll disembark and join the old patrol
Still, we are but troopers earning all our pay
Destination Luna in the Milky Way

Destination Luna is our post assigned
Where we watch the skies for dangers to Mankind
Laser beams are ready, Infrarays stand by
Destination Luna -- lying in the sky

Destination Luna -- when will I see home
How I long for grassfields through which I would roam
Till I know it's over, I will watch my post
Destination Luna -- death-pale like a ghost

Destination Luna -- now, the war's begun
Will I die heartbroken, will I see it won
Now the Earth advances, how the foe will fall
Destination Luna signs off 'that is all'

Title inspired by Patrick Alfred Moore's novel:-