Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1975, 2017

We've enjoyed the fellowship we've shared with you
Trusting in the Lord, believing with you, too
And, although it's not been long
We can leave you this one song
Don't be wrong
Ellen, Lynn

Jesus brought us all together to be shown
That His love can grow in fellowship if sown
And, as friends, we love you so
Even though we have to go
Be it so
Ellen, Lynn

Such companionship, these days, is hard to find
And we hate to leave such fellowship behind
But, we'll pray that God will prove
Everlasting is His love
From above
Ellen, Lynn

We'll remember to include you in our prayers
And that Jesus promised to relieve your cares
So, we'll give this song to you
Keep it near; remember, too
We love you
Ellen, Lynn