Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1965, 2019

Your arms reach out to touch me
But, girl, i cannot stay
Your lips reach out to kiss me
But, girl, just one more day
I've got to escape from you
You're making me feel blue
When you kiss him and hold him that way, too

Your voice is soothing to me
But, girl, I mustn't hear
Your smile is so bewitching
But, girl, it's him I fear
I've got to escape today
Oh, girl, i mustn't stay
When you hold me and kiss me that way, too

You're sweet as sugar to me
But, girl, oh, can't you see
You'll soon be his, not mine, dear
So, girl, you can't love me
I've got to escape your arms
Or he will bring me harm
When you show me, like him, all your charms