Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1972, 2019

I am the Lord thy God, I am that I am
I made the Earth dry-shod whereon thou has trod
I made men and women, I am that I am
Put them east of Eden to beget again
I am the All-father, the Same
Men call me by many names

I am Eternity, I watch and I wait
Ever will men think of me, this do I decree
Men don't understand all, I watch and i wait
They will try to forestall the fate that will befall
I am Eternity, the Same
Men call me by that name

I was made, I am Man, the Earth is my home
In Eden I began, my spawn was still unspanned
The living breath of God was breathed into my lungs
I walk the Earth untrod, no clothes, my feet unshod
I was made, I am Man
Men call me one name -- Adam

I was made as Wo-man, the Earth is my home
I was made from man, to live I began
I formed the seeds of sex, began them anew
From Eden began treks because I was perplexed
I was made as wo-man, I conceive
Men know me by my name -- Eve

I am the Garden, of land was I made
I hold the citizen, know naught what he ken
Man and Wo-man were sent to decorate me
I gave my assent, in my grasses life spent
I am the Garden, I am for Man
Men know my name, my name, Eden

I was unknown until the fall of Man
To me goes Man's last breath -- Man must die, God hath siath
But, still, there's life eternal, i am but a sleep
Yes, life is sumpiternal, there is no hell infernal
I was unknown, I, Death, the same
I was unknown until I came