Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2020

Polychromed flowers standing in a line
'Neath the shading towers coloured aquiline
Everybody marches on till the flowers melt
Onwards still they travel forth 'til 'fore Him they knelt

Everyone is watching as they travel by
Watching, waiting, crying where the flowers lie
One is trod upon, it weeps, ne'er to live again
Still the mass of people tred, oblivious to the pain

Flowers now before them bow to orders harsh
None can make complaints and none can turn to marsh
But, a Hero enters, now, makes He all so free
Everyone rejoices -- oh, fly the banners three

Now the friends are liberated, now the friends are strong
Though the fight was wearying, though the fight was long
Still the rightful vanquished all that Evil's done
Know you, now, all Satan's men -- the battle has been won