Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1971, 2019

There is a girlchild whose name is Nadine
Hair like the bright stars: a silvery sheen
Ever have I
Wanted to cry
When in her eyes I've seen

Tears shining brightly beneath the sun's light
Day passing by, then returning as night
Day after day
Wanting to say
Will you please pray for right

Girlchild Nadine
Knows what she's seen
Girlchild Nadine
Knows where I've been

Up to the galaxies we will soon fly
There to a planet I know we can buy
Once again, you
Know what to do
As we listen to a psi

There is a girlchild whose name is Nadine
Wants me to write and to sing a love-paean
So I reply
I would not lie
When I descry her mien

Girlchild Nadine
Soon will be queen
Girlchild Nadine
Knows what we glean