Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1966, 2019

Got no time to sit and play with you
Got no time to talk today with you
Cause I'm working each hour
To please you and me
And I'm trying to shower
My love, can't you see

Got no time to sit and talk with you
Got no time to take a walk with you
Cause I'm trying each minute
To make you so glad
I'm trying each finite
Dimensions of sad

Got no time, my head is filled with pain
Got no time, my body's chilled with rain
And I'm crying for you, dear
Wherever you are
I'm crying for you, hear
Here, there, or afar

Got no time, again my heart is low
Got no time, forever start to grow
Make me know that you love me
I know I love you
Know you're above me
I know I'll be true