Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1976, 2020

Through times of trials and tribulations
Tests and troubles, and through temptations
In times of hurt, and in times of feart
If you trust in him, he will be near
He is there to hold your hand
He is there to guide you through the land
He is there to give you peace
Pour out love, and bring release

Are you in a time of heartache
Have your dreams come crashing down
Do you think that God's forgotten you
Has Satan given you a frown
But the Word says Christ is always near
Forever, come what may
And from the ashes life will bloom
For it's become a bright, new day

Does you life seem full of emptiness
With no goals for which to strive
Do you wonder if you'll make it home
What that last day will arrive
For, Jesus will return to give
Precious wonders in the sky
And for those who love and lean on him
Those he will glorify