Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1977, 2019

Once again, you've turned away from my Jesus' love today
Just how long do you think you can scorn
The cross, the blood, the pain, the crown of thorns

Once again, I say to you: you'll receive the judgement, too
When my Jesus comes to take you home
Nations will fall like ancient Rome

He's coming soon
He's coming soon, what will you do

Ever since the day he died, men have laughed and still deride
Every one who calls on Jesus' name
But, the day will come, they'll do the same

But, then, too late, they'll understand how wrong they were to countermand
All the promises that Jesus gave
How he gave his life that we might be saved

He's coming soon
He's coming soon for Church, Gentile, and Jew

Now's the time to think it through -- Jesus died for me and you
On the cross, he bore your every sin
At your heart, he knocks to let him in

Yes, I know he's coming soon; this is all you have to do
Say, Jesus, I have sinned and I need you
Come in my heart, and change my life anew

He's coming soon
He's coming soon for me and you