Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1979, 2019

They marched forth from Egypt
Following God's command
They marched across the desert
To reach the Promised Land
They came to the Red Sea
With no place else to go
Left to the mercy of the Pharaoh

"Look what you've done to us!"
To Moses then they cried
"You've led us to the wilderness
And, here, we're sure to die"
But, Moses heard the voice of God
And raised his staff on high
The waters of the Red Sea rolled aside

The highway to freedom is before them
Stand still--see the salvation of the Lord
See--the waves give way
We are free today
Through the highway to freedom of the Lord

He stood there before them
Clothes torn and splashed with blood
He stood and took their beatings
Their scorning and their mud
He came before the governor
With no place else to go
Left to the mercy of the Jews

"Are thou the king of Jews?"
Pilate asked of Him
"Thou sayest it," said the Lord of all
And Pilate turned again
"Whether of the two will ye
That I release to you?"
"Barabbas!" Then they cried, "Crucify the Jew!"

The highway to freedom was before Him
For then they crucified the Son of God
There, He died to live
Still He could forgive
On the highway to freedom of the lord