Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1969, 2019

I am the Rose of Sharon
Lying on a bed of grass
I ride the Boat of Charon
Lying in a watered glass
She is always so afraid
She would stay where she had laid me down
I frown on her styles of love for Man
That cross the river Span

I am the Rose of Sharon
Watching as we travel by
I long to be with Karen
Singing sweet a lullaby
She is always bright and gay
She makes love both night and day to me
I see on her lips a drop of mel
That swears she will not tell

I am the Rose of Sharon
Caring for a lonely child
I will make women barren
Sweating in the weather mild
They are always in the sky
Deep on drugs that send them high inside
They hide in their minds a broken soul
That gains their mighty goal