Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1965, 2019

If you knew how Love's eyes could see
Maybe, then, you would pity me
For, though I live from day to day
Passing the hours of Time away
My love for you ne'er dwindles
But, rather, grows while being kindled

If you knew how Love's ears could hear
Then, perhaps, you would hold me near
And, though I sleep from night to night
Dreaming that I hold you tight
My love -- it grows, it grows for you
And, I will ne'er be feeling blue

If you knew how my love could talk
Then, perhaps, with me you would walk
Though I may die, I will not go
Away from you, cause I love you so
My love for you -- it grows and grows
Ne'er to fail cause I love you so