Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1967, 2019

We'll see if you remember the night we fell in love
And the night the moon was full way up above
And how I kissed you beneath the clear moonlight
And how I held you close so tight

And then, we'll remember how we took love's first kiss
And how it was each other that we both missed
And when we were apart that moonlit night
When you returned -- ah! how I held you tight

And then, you may remember how cold it became
And when I heard you calling my name
You wandered somewhere on that moonlit night
Away from me and my embrace so tight

I searched around until at last I knew where to go
You lay in the clasp of the new-fallen, downy-white snow
Your skin was cold and blue, a deep wound in your heart
Told me that, forever, we would be apart

I visit your grave, dear, remember every day
And on the snowy soft ground, i kneel to pray
Forgive me, my dear, for loving you so
But now, perhaps, I'll see you once more

For I'm coming to you
Wherever you be
I'm coming
I'm coming to you