Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2019

Blooming in the springtime, faerie-flowers grow
Even the rainfall sometimes comes too slow
Only sunlight's needed, even moonlight, too
April showers help, though, to make them fresh as new

Round about the flowers stands a line of stones
Music from beneath them plays in various tones
Faerie-people dancing, singing songs of joy
Life to them is sweet, there's naught they would destroy

Rainbows arc across the sky, blending with the blue
Turning shades of purple, violet, red, green, too
Dragonflies are carrying faeries to and fro
To their winsome castles in the Earth below

Sleeping in a flowerleaf, drinking pure sweet mel
Life to them is happy, there is no place, hell
Happily they travel through their faerieland
Each one is a brother in the faerie band

On a petal, sleeping, is a girl -- Serann
She's a faerie princess, wings her hot form fan
Dreaming thoughts of wonder, dreaming thoughts of love
Carried by the zephyr to the clouds above