Michael Woodhead


Written by Valerie McAleer
Copyright © 1973, 2019

I keep wondering who is lost
Is it you, or really me
I keep wondering who'll pay the cost
But, for now, I'll let things be

Aries, you're a ram, and you're what you are
I'm just a Libra trying to figure where you are
On the winding road of life, strumming your guitar
Are you near to me, or have you gone very far

Some day, you will be by my side once more
We will have the things we were looking for
But, the search never ends, let's make amends
Let's be lovers, but let us also be friends

In search of something new every day
Aries, let Libra show yo the way
And even though we sometimes go astray
The time will come, we'll see our happy day

And, baby, sometimes we do things that are wrong
But, together, as one, we are balanced strong
When the day comes and we're together once again
Let's seal ourselves, never be opened by a pen

Valerie McAleer (circa 1973)