Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2019

It is finished, I am no more
So, come to bed and close the door

Dimensions are now all around
I see your lips but hear no sound

I go unclad through Time and Space
With you, my love, clothes I unlace

My arms are long, my legs are too
What they can't reach, my love, is you

I try to see things unperceived
A younger child you preconceived

I see ahead the seraphim
But I am only pseudonym

I visualize a deep dank mist
I cannot view what may exist

A blinding flash a searing light
I now can see with second sight

I used to be just one-man-two
But now this life I know is through

I used to be Hermaphrodite
But now I am Cosmopolite

My sex once was male and female
But now I'm two and so deathpale

And 'tis from we Mankind was born
The way to God has now been torn

And so, my love we both shall tread
O'er Life's new ground its maidenhead

I feel that day shall soon arrive
When Man again shall soon revive

I clasp you, dear and close my eyes
And now we two shall harmonize

It is finished I am no more
So come to bed and close the door