Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1967, 2020

When all the years seem to fly by you fast
It's just a dream like a moonbeam
Know that the ideals are left in the past
Everything's not what it seems
Open your heart, open your mind
Let in the secrets that you may soon find

Know that this life is but one of a few
There are still more, that is for sure
Turn to the Oneness, be faithful and true
Open your heart--it's the door
Let peace come in, hope lies within
Love dwells amongst us where there is no sin

And when you die, you will pass on again
Open your heart, now, make your start
Waken once more to a new life, no pain
No more from Him will you part
We are all One, we are all One
One with the Father, and Spirit, and Son