Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1982, 2020

Jesus can save your soul
Jesus can make you whole
He came to Earth in answer
To its long-awaited needs
A son -- God's own begotten
He was born of woman's seed
In Bethlehem a manger
Cradled Jesus as a baby boy

Jesus -- mighty God
Jesus -- Aaron's Rod
He led the Jewish nation
To their home -- the Promised Land
He led the twelve apostles
Great and mighty gospel band
But, Judas did betray him
And he was condemned to die
Oh why

Jesus -- Prince of Peace
Jesus brings release
He died upon the cross
That we from sin might be set free
He rose from death to give us
Life with him eternally
He knocks upon your heart tonight
For you to let him in
Oh, hear him, please

Jesus sets you free
Saves your soul
Makes you whole