Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1974, 2020

Once, my life was lost in sin and shame
I had no place to go to find true peace of mind
Once I prayed to God to free my soul
But, I knew unanswered prayer
For real faith I could not find
Jesus Christ was standing near my heart only asking me to let him in
But, I turned away from him that day
I was turning from the Master
And my heart was racing faster
Cause I knew I'd have to turn to him some day, some way

Then, one day, I felt so all alone
I had no one to love, to love me in return
God then spoke to me, I turned my head
I opened up my heart: through the Saviour I would learn
Jesus Christ came in my heart to stay and I know that he has made me whole
I will praise his name eternally
I know Jesus as my Saviour
He has changed my whole behaviour
And I'm glad that I returned to him that day, I pray

Are you lost and lonely, deep in sin, Jesus will free you
Have you sought the truth, a life to win: Jesus will carry you
When your life is hard, so really hard
And your problems seem so very hard to bear
And after your old world is dead and gone
After your old world is dead and gone
Will you still live on

For my Jesus died to save my soul, he's mine completely
My life I know Jesus will control, he holds it sweetly
I will thank the Lord for all he's done
And his love for me will never die away
And after this old world is dead and gone
After this old world is dead and gone
I will still live on

Jesus Christ, my Saviour, loves you all
And he's asking you to let him in
Please, don't turn away from him today
Just believe he'll solve your troubles
And his blessings will be doubled
If you'll only let him in your heart, I know
You'll grow, woh-oh, he loves you so