Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1974, 2020

Jesus Christ is coming soon
Morning, night, or afternoon
Every eye shall see him in the sky
Coming with the clouds so high

See the saints ride with him, too
Here to rule the Earth anew
Are you ready for the coming king
Will you give him everything

Jesus Christ will come again
One thousand years on Earth to reign
Armageddon will at last be real
Judgement trumpets, too, shall peal

Hear the thunder of his Word
Feel the sharp steel of his sword
Choose you, now, which way you're going to go
Heav'n above or Hell below

Jesus Christ is still the king
All the heavenly voices ring
He, my saviour, calls to you to bow
Will you come to him right now

Yes, he stands at your heart's door
Eternal life forevermore
Tell him that you would be cleansed from sin
If he's your saviour, he'll come in