Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1975, 2020

[to the tune of Cloth of Gold]

He wore a linen cloth about His form
'Twas all He had upon the cruciform
If the crowds cheered, He loved them
If the crowds jeered, He loved them

And when His linen cloth was torn away
Proclaimed the coming of Ascension Day
When the sun shone, He rose up
When He was gone, then those supped

Who know this linen cloth was Jesus' own
And He became the Christians' cornerstone
Now, He's risen and conquered
Death has ended, and wondered

Just how it was that Jesus died that day
And promised to redeem those gone astray
So, dear sinner, remember
That Jesus -- the Assembler

Will wash away your linen clothes of sin
Just open up your heart and let Him in
And remember, He loves you
Yes, remember, He loves you