Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1976, 2020

Are you full of sin
Do you want peace within
Give your heart, your soul, your might
Are you falling down
Has your face a frown
Then, repent, he'll make it right
He is Lord, he is Lord, he is Lord
He's Lord of my life

With Jesus in yor heart
You know that you can start
To enjoy your life again
Be conformed to him
Your old life will dim
Nevermore will you complain
If he's Lord, if he's Lord, if he's Lord
He's Lord of your life

I'll rejoice anew
When Jesus comes to you
And you give your life to him
We're free evermore
He's knocking on the door
Of your heart -- please, let him in
He'll be Lord, he'll be Lord, he'll be Lord
As he's Lord of my life