Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1978, 2020

Lord, will you take me
Lord, will you break me
Into a man who has found
Jesus has saved him
And life he gave him
Out of the dust of the ground

I really need you
And, I would plead, too
Take me away from all sin
Lift me to places
Heavenly; grace is
Poured from without and within

I know without your discipline
My life couldn't be genuine

Lord, will you show me
What I should know, see
I really want to obey
I would go with you
Overflow with new
Love for each person today

Jesus, believe me
You can retrieve me
Out of this sinful disease
I'd stand beside you
You can decide, too
How to win over all these

Great sins lying in every heart
For, you can give a new start

Listen to me, friend
This can be the end
To all of your worries in life
Jesus befriends you
Yes, and he mends you
Gives you eternal life