Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1970, 2020

Stretch out your arms
Make up the charms of the galaxy
Reach for the stars
Incense Registrars you are going to be
Lift up your face
Keep with the pace of
the universe
Make no reply Know that your eye still is in the terse
Make known your purpose here
Make known, now, that you fear
Your life is in no danger
You spent the last few hours asleep

Asleep on your bed
Where you laid your head on the pillowcase
Gather your strength
Know what's the length of the ritual chase
You will be mine
Drink, now, the wine that is in your glass
Give me your hand
Walk on this land with its luscious grass

Make no mistake
You must now take all your property
Look at the sky
Then ask me why there is naught to see
Hear what I say
Every day that the stars will shine
Here is your gift
You will soon lift everything of mine
Make known that you are nude
Make known that naught is lewd
I will protect you night and day
From everything that bothers you