Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1969, 2020

One can pass through naked time
One can fall in sand and slime
Never finding solid ground
Everything turns upside-down
Till the end approaches near
And there comes a glistening tear

One can sing of naked time
One can fall, and one can climb
Whereupon the hero finds
Lost and wandering, tiresome minds
Till their thoughts begin to shrink
And below the sand they sink

One may talk of naked time
In the northwest maritime
To the south is only death
Where one is so short of breath
There one finds some solitude
Neath the trees and leaves quite nude

One may live with naked time
Wand'ring till the hourglass chime
And, from love, one may produce
Laughing children -- still obtuse
And, again, one may destroy
All that men might soon enjoy