Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2020

When you sleep for all time, there is no need to weep
For life is still living anew
You will waken again , close your eyes to the past
The promise she kept will come true

So, be glad that your love still remains
To the heart of the girl you adore
For, she'll come to you once in your dreams
And again in your life evermore

Though you think you have lost, there are still chances new
To enter to Oneness with all
Just remember that Death will not triumph o'er Love
And your fears will be trivially small

When you breathe, then, your last, think of only one thing
That you'll meet her again some new day
And you'll open your eyes to a bright sunny day
And you'll greet her the same lovely way