Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1980, 2020

Mixed-up, broken-hearted
Your life deep in sin
Nowhere could you find an answer
To give peace within

Once, you sought an answer
From a guru in the East
You think you've found Nirvana
But, it looks like you're deceased

Only in Jesus is the answer to be found
Only in Jesus are your feet on solid ground

Then you tried some booze and sex
Marijuana, LSD
But, no success did you achieve
No meaning did you see

Then you tried philosophy
The occult, astrology
But perfect peace and freedom
Satan could not guarantee

Only in Jesus will the 'free' be really free
Only in Jesus -- for you he died on Calvary

Once you thought of suicide
As being the greatest thrill
But, a small voice deep within you said
'There's hope, real hope, for you still'

So your life was empty
And you had no place to go
Only Jesus Christ can set
Your face and heart aglow

Only in Jesus will you reach that golden shore
Only in Jesus will God give you more and more

So, when Jesus saves you
Your whole life will rearrange
He'll wash away your sin and shame
And bring a brand new change

Only in Jesus
Right now