Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1971, 2020

A paranoiac astral man I chanced to meet today
He told me of the sins of Man and how he soon must pay
How he soon must pay
For sins he did today
Yes, man must pay for sins he did today

A paranoiac astral woman came to me inside
She spoke to me of love and hate and how she would abide
How she would abide
Alone with me inside
With her I would abide soon deep inside

A paranoiac astral child I met within my dreams
It told me of the good of Man, how it could be supreme
How it was supreme
Inbetween my dreams
Yes, inbetween my dreams it was supreme

A paranoiac astral thought I chanced to think below
And of my thoughts the one I loved was of her turned to snow
Of her turned to snow
When she was below
When she was below, she turned to snow