Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1969, 2020

Wishing to pass through the portal of freedom
I gave my soul away today

I wearily plodded through London's damp fog
And passed to the moors where I tramped through the bog
I've achieved all I wanted to do
Make-believed that it all was so true
But, I know that my mind is unreal
And I know that I cannot conceal
The pain that I feel deep inside me
The rain that will fall down upon me
As I walk, as I walk all alone

I sought, then, some shelter, but none did I find
The rain fell upon me and wiped out my mind
I'll design all the thoughts that I think
Aquiline is the colour of mink
Yet I know that my brain can't control
The passing away of my soul
From this world to the Limbo of Nothing
From there to the Palace of Offering
As I talk, as I talk and atone

I passed by a doorway, I chanced on a girl
She gave me a diamond, I gave her a pearl
And I stationed myself in her door
While she left me to lie on the floor
And my head swam with visions of love
While the diamond -- it changed to a dove
And I no longer had any fear
As I watched on the green chandelier
And I baulk, and I baulk at the throne

My life opened to me, I live once again
No sorrow, no sadness, no heartbreak, no pain
And I saw blue and red aureoles
And I saw lost and saved wand'ring souls
And I try to persude her to come
But, she fails to forgive and succumb
And I hold deep inside me the hope
That with mondial problems I'll cope
As i chalk, as I chalk the unknown

Wishing to pass through the portal of freedom
I gave my soul away today