Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2020

I heard on the news
Of someone's views
On the abuse
Of love, pure love

I saw on TV
Someone would be
Lost out at sea
And drowned, ne'er found

Isn't it funny (They stand around)
What they all say (Without a sound)
Isn't it funny (They watch them die)
Everyday (And do not cry)

I heard of a war
Where someone swore
He'd learn the score
He lied, he died

Then, I knew at last
What made the Past
Ever so fast
So late, no Fate

Isn't it funny (Such apathy)
What they all say (I just can't see)
Isn't it funny (You'd think they'd go)
Every-- (No!)

I heard of a tale in which the whole world turned to gray
I heard of a story and I want to hear it say
That the whole world is a place where in peace Man dwells
Where there is a Heaven as I know there can't be Hell

I know of a place
Where no one's face
Is a disgrace

So, look at your mind
What do you find
Child of Mankind