Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1968, 2020

Though the cold wind blows on a wint'ry day
I love to be with you in this same sweet way
Deep within your charms
Hidden in your arms
Safe from all alarms

And if ever I fall into a mem'ry-sleep
I'll remember your love that i want to keep
With me in my dreams
Through the sun's bright beams
And the moon-split seams

I love you, my darling, but where do you be
I love you, my darling, but I cannot see
In the sky, above the trees
There you be
Stay in twos and come in threes
There you be
Echoes from a haunting voice
I choose you, and I'm your choice
Tell me, now, just where you be
There you be

And if ever a danger I have to face
I will think of you and my hand's a mace
For to fight the foe
Knowing what I know
That you love me so

And the stars look down on my form tonight
And I see you there in the clear moonlight
Holding out your hands
Leading me to lands
Where lie golden sands