Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1969, 2020

Many are the shades of flowers
Many are the trees
Many are the spiraling towers
Many are the bees
Many come and many go
Some fly high and some fly low
Some go fast and some go slow
Many are the girls deflowered
Many are the pleas

Once a man has all his needs
Once a man has naught
Once a man begins to bleed
Once a man's distraught
Many feel yet some are numb
Many feel quite burdensome
Other still yet misbecome
Once a man can interbreed
Once a man's bethought

Many shades of flowers bloom in summertime
Still those spiralling towers last through since their prime

If a girl is hieroglyphic
If a girl suffice
If a girl can be prolific
If a girl likes Guiesse
Still her beauty lingers on
Like an ancient Amazon
Clothed in shining white cretonne
If a girl is dolorific
If a girl loves twice