Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1970, 2020

I welcome the angels from starships on high
And gather my family beneath the clear sky
To bid that the strangers would rest in my home
I welcome the angels of the Star Embryo

Immortal, and loving, they descend to my door
I clasp them in friendship and offer them more
They denied all the pleasures and food of my home
Immortal, the angels of the Star Embryo

We thank you, they answered, but believe when we say
Our nourishment comes from the sunshine of day
We need not your food, your bedroom, or clothes
We thank you, they answered from the Star Embryo

And now, they're departing for their world far away
Where others, in friendship, will receive them always
I only wish that from Earth they'd not go
But, now, they're departing in the Star Embryo