Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1970, 2020

Starship troopers march in file
Over every weary mile
Moon dust clouds beneath their feet
Dark side, ice-cold; light side, heat

Starship troopers fall in lines
Excavating Martian mines
Facing hardships on the lands
Facing dangers by unknown hands

Glory medal pinned post-mortem
Bodies lain in barren spaces
Unknown soldiers floating, waiting
Charred bodies, mangled faces

Starship troopers fight to win
Unknown perils from within
Facing dangers, unseen foes
Losing eyes, legs, arms, and toes

Starship troopers hope to end
Stellar wars begun by men
For their safety, no concern
Hit one cheek, the other turn

[Title inspired by Robert A Heinlein's novel]