Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1971, 2020

Far away, in the system of Andromeda
Is a planet that is known to us as Taa
It is there that you'll find
That no one is unkind
And they'll teach you to see if you are blind

You'll remember in the myths of Egypt, there was Ptah
Well, it was from this planet that he came -- from Taa
And on Earth, he began
A new era for the race of Man
Just before he departed for Alebaran

On Taa, there are many things to do
On Taa, we know nothing is taboo
On Taa, you can find
Pleasures for your mind
For your heart, and soul, and your view

Some have told me that they think this is Utopia
But I know that's not true, it's only Taa
And it's there that you will sing
Of the pleasures it can bring
Where Woman is queen, and Man is king

[Song title inspired by Galactus' planet introduced in
Marvel Comics' Thor #169, October 1969]