Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1966, 2020

Haunting eyes, a lingering smile
She's my queen, my Tana Nile

Sitting on the desert sands
Alone for just awhile
Then I saw descending on me
Princess Tana Nile
She's my queen, I have seen

Twenty million people lining
Roads for many a mile
All to see my wondrous princess
My queen Tana Nile
She is mine, so divine

Sitting 'neath Egyptian skies
And swimming in the Nile
Being here is such a thrill
With my queen, Tana Nile
She's my love, up above

Fifty billion stars are peeking
For a lingering smile
From my beauteous princess
From my queen, Tana Nile
Once again, it will rain

Sitting on the desert sands
Together for awhile
Then I saw ascending from me
Princess Tana Nile
Please, don't go, my betrothed

[Inspired by a character in Marvel Comics'
The Mighty Thor #129, June 1966]