Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1977, 2020

In the thunder of the clouds, he rolls across the sky
In the brilliance of the lightning, his glory we descry
In the falling rain, he brings us precious blessings from above
With the presence of his Spirit, he sends his precious love

With the falling snow, he brings us natural beauty from the sky
With its melting in the springtime, new life comes by and by
In the praises that we raise to him, our love we do proclaim
In the presence of his Spirit, we bless his glorious name

Then we lift our voices to him -- hallelujahs loud and clear
And we lift our hands to praise him, and pray that he'll appear
For that day is fast approaching when he said he'd come again
And the presence of his Spirit will bring the final reign

So, rejoice if he's your Saviour, there's a place prepared for you
In the universe beyond us, we'll start our lives anew
And I thank him for the promises he gives us by his Word
For the presence of his Spirit has Love within me stirred