Michael Woodhead


Version with vocals:

Version without vocals:

Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1975, 2020

There is a time that's coming soon
When everyone will play a different tune
For the Lord will come to take us
When the world has tried to break us
It could be morn, or night, or noon

There is a time when Christians everywhere shall rise
When the last tear shall fall from their eyes
For the Lord will show His glory
And the world will know the story
Of His cross, His blood, His sacrifice

For the Gospel has been told to the world
How He came and died, and rose again to set the captives free
You and me

There is a time the Bible says
When the Earth shall be in its last days
And the Lord will judge each nation
At the heav'nly presentation
Of the Gentiles, the Jews, the Saved

There is a time, that time is now
As the Lord is calling you somehow
Yes, He offers you salvation
Divine communication
Now's the time, will you make your vow