Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1969, 2020

Think of the children whose lives will depend
Solely on everything that you can lend
Think of the women that you will defend
And of the last war -- how it will end

Think of the land when you're fighting to free
Yourself, your brother, your sister, and me
Think of the times we had gone to the sea
Where from this last war we needed to flee

Think of the people whose lives will be spared
If all your promises you will have shared
Think of remem'bring the truths you have bared
The number of odds against which you dared

Think of the green land we hoped we might keep
Think of the rivers long, valleys so deep
Think of the times in the hay we would leap
Think of the tears that you know we shall weep
As we approach that ultimate sleep