Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1972, 2020

Psychedelic wonders
That the mind cannot conceive
Flash within my mind, asleep
And grant me weary leave
Whereupon I traveled through
Dimensions of such light
That naked eyes are blinded
In the simulated night

Esoteric cities that are
Buried 'neath the sands
Open to the rally-cries
Of upturned, sworded hands
Loin-clothed individuals
Wreak terror night and day
And naked bodies, raped girls
Will raise their hands to pray

Blood is spilt upon the land
Which now turns crimson red
Men and women here lie slain
As their life's blood is bled
Soon, upon these ravaged people
There come thund'ring hordes
Leaving them behind all slain
And bleeding on the sward

So arose a shiv'ring cry
From corpses on the grass
And they stood to face the sky
As one horrific mass
Voices cried aloud to someone
Far beyond their sight
The echos carried through day
And far into the night

Suddenly, the sky was rent
There were three thousand men
Clothed in flaming, scarlet robes
They rode into the fen
Screams of terror pierced the sky
The dead ones were avenged
And the riders flew away
They left behind Stonehenge

Silence, then, did reign supreme
As life did seem to end
Souls and spirits to the sky
Were soon seen to ascend
Their revenge was sated
So they settled down to sleep
Elsewhere, there were others
Who could only wail and weep