Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1969, 2020

Down she came from Aldebaran
For to be my love
How I want you, sweet Trishann
Bright stars shine above
Showing me your love is real
Telling me the thoughts I feel
So relates the historian
Like a peaceful dove

Soon, we heard the medicine-man
Calling to the gods
For to bless you e'er, Trishann
Magic golden-rods
Swaying in the gentle breeze
Make my life a time of ease
Still, there's a fire barbarian
As I walk unshod

I have heard of Hesperians
With ideas profound
I'd find them for you, Trishann
Before we're homeward bound
For the shores of Cygni Three
Where our daughter waits for me
So we sail to the Isle of Man
And love flow'r-crowned

[Inspired by and dedicated to Patricia Eeckeleers]