Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1965, 2020

Unborn am I, there's a tear in my eye
Unborn, I lie with a girl in the sky
Still within the womb
That is not unlike a tomb
Unborn am I, but still I prophesy
Substitute an olden heart for new
Prostitute what wares you would pursue

Unborn am I, and yet most worshipful
And torn, my mind, so weak yet powerful
Still think I of love
And I know what is above
Unborn am I, but still I beautify
Symmetry is all I ask to view
Ecstasy is naught i can subdue

Unborn am I, but still a Vanquisher
Heav'n-born am I, but still a Chronicler
Still I long for peace
And the Golden Fleece
Unborn am I, does Death still justify
Germinate the flowers in the spring
Excavate the holes that now enring