Michael Woodhead


Written & Composed by Michael Woodhead
Copyright © 1967, 2020

What is Love that it should end
Who are you that you should send
Whom am I to sympathize
Who am I to question why
The ways of Man are wrong

What is Life that it should be
Ever precious, still, to me
Who is Man that he should grow
Ever knowing where to go
Within the world of song

What is Sin that I should care
Whether you are standing bare
Clothes will only keep you warm
Save you from the cold of storm
That lasts so very long

Who is God of whom we are
Only one, so near, yet far
What is Man to do with Life
End his hopes or end the strife
That lasts so very long

Whither come and whither go
All the things we need to know
Why has Man so incorrupt
Let his passions e'er erupt
With wars and hatred strong

What knows Man of Godly Love
What knows Man of God above
What knows Man of sacred Life
What knows Man of mortal strife
Within the psychic song